Almost everyone ,  including  those concerned about back issues can now enjoy the wonderful experiences of  kayaking including  the increasing attraction of  big kayaks such as HOBIE  fishing models and also double kayaks and canoes which can range up to  approx. 40 kilograms

Any Kayak , canoe or small boat that is difficult for one person to manage .

Lone paddlers who normally require a mate to share the lifting when moving kayaks on land.

Expedition  kayakers  who want to routinely travel across land , say between bay and estuary . Simply roll in and roll out.

Fishermen using larger  ,  heavier kayaks .

Double kayaks , often over 40 kgs.

Armed Forces – Commando  units.

Kayakers who are not able to handle the lifting , dragging , and back-breaking tasks that are routine aspects of kayaking . As an example , my Physio recommended that I either give away kayaking or trade down to a much lighter kayak . My response was to look for a better trolley which eliminates the problems of launching and landing and moving on land ; such a trolley was not to be found ; that’s why I set about designing   CROCODILE KAYAK TROLLEY ( pat.) to overcome the problems with all other trolleys 

Kayakers who believe that they may require to incorporate an outrigger  ( or 2 outriggers ) at the time of purchase or to fit retrospectively   The CROCODILE DUAL BRACKET PROVIDES FOR THE INDIVIDUAL OR JOINT FUNCTIONS OF TROLLEY AND OUTRIGGER WITHIN THE SAME DECK BRACKET SYSTEM (pat) 

 kayak with outrigger


We have explained that for kayakers and  canoe  paddlers who have already acquired  a CROCODILE KAYAK TROLLEY it is now possible to retrofit an outrigger  kit . Because the CROCODILE KAYAK TROLLEY IS   designed as a DUAL SYSTEM ,    provision has been  made to add this outrigger function with ease..

The choice is  yours , install  an outrigger on one side only , or buy  2  kits – one for each side.

The picture below shows the component parts in the kit namely –

1) TOP pic – Outrigger shaft member c/w clip at one end and the connection cut-out slots which engage with the bracket bolt to retain the outrigger securely in the desired position ( normally with float down where it skims the water )

2) MIDDLE  pic  Deck bracket tube c/w fast-action lever-latch fastener .

3) BOTTOM pic-   Float  with  mountings lugs/holes to accommodate the outrigger shaft . Colour is light grey and float is inflatable – very buoyant and packs away . The one in this kit is from HOBIE.

Installation Instructions-

  1. Partly remove the deck bolt on the bracket sufficiently to install the additional Deck bracket tube then restore it toposition . Now the new Deck bracket tube will be rotating in the ”spare” outrigger bay next to the wheel-trolley bay . 
  2. Bolt the small plate attached to the outrigger tube on to the corresponding   existing wheel trolley tube (  they  are directly opposite each-other ) Secure with the bolt supplied .
  3. Simply feed the outrigger shaft through thelug   holes on the top of the float-then secure with supplied clip