Stainless steel – including axles and fixtures.

.Wheels – top-end “ Wheeleez” 24cm (u) balloon wheels . Excellent over sand  -  and nothing to corrode .                                                                                                          

. Height – Wheel/leg member – top to ground – approx. 50cms.                                                              

. Width – Standard   model “Croc MI” – 46 cm to 63 cm

              Wide-deck model “ Croc M2 -  63 cm to 80 cm

Note   Above widths are measured from the outsides of each top deck bracket plate which are 3cm wide and 16cm long . Adjustment is in 2.5 cm increments and further adjustment is provided by the ability of the deck brackets to pivot       ( similar to gimbals )    which also allows the angle of the top plates to naturally adjust to the contour of the deck.

         l {edge of deck} l {bracket plate} l { …adjustable transverse  member…} l {….

It is helpful in determining the model to choose by choosing the best sites to position your deck bracket plates then deciding whether you need “Croc M1 or “ “ Croc M2 ”  

Lever-latches – Provide boltless and clipless fastening of the wheel/leg members to the transverse ( across – deck ) member for repositioning the wheels from vertical to horizontal in a few seconds . If required the wheel/legs can be completely removed for storage during road transport.  If security is a concern you can apply a small padlock to each lever-latch ( not supplied ) which gives peace of mind on the beach or on the car roof

Weight approx 6kg


Ref. CROC stablemate 1

Outrigger shaft  - Length  - 90 cm ( material spec. same as wheel/leg members )

Float – Length – 86cm ( inflatable )

Bracket tube / lever-latch – same as all others used on PATENTED TROLLEY/OUTRIGGER SYSTEM  DUAL SYSTEM.


Deck brackets – The deck brackets supplied include a necessary under-deck plate which is 2cms wide and matches the deck top plate . The bottom plate provides vital under – deck support . It is not difficult or time consuming to support the bottom plate by  hand - accessing it through a hatch while the bolts are fitted through the above ( top) deck plate . If you do not have access we have devised a system which will be easy and simple to fit from above deck with NO access required to the under-deck area . this ALTERNATIVE INSTALLATION METHOD involves the use of the same bracket –to – boat kit reconfigured so that the bolts face upwards instead of downwards. Please refer to INSTALLATION instructions for details.