Crocodile kayak trolleys

Ref. CROC M1

Standard model –adjustment range : 46cm to 63cm                               price $220.00

Ref. CROC M2

Wide –deck model ( EG HOBIE )          63cm  to 80cm                        price $240.00

Note : Prices in $AUD

            Freight is additional

            “Adjustment range”  is distance between the OUTSIDE of deck brackets – 

                                                    the actual deck is normally several cm wider.


Croc outrigger retrofit kit 

Ref. CROC  stablemate -1

One model can quickly fit to one or both sides of craft

Connects to standard Crocodile kayak trolley  by the retro-fitting of  an additional tube- lever/latch kit to existing deck bracket  in the docking bay next to the ones used for the wheel/leg member connection . The outrigger can be fitted and disconnected instantly the same as the wheel/leg members. It does NOT interfere with operation of wheel /legs  . Can be on the kayak / canoe with or without wheels fitted 

One outrigger kit includes 

1 x 90cm arm and float retaining clip

1 x float ( attaches to float arm )

1 x deck bracket outer tube / c/w  lever/latch  -  fits into the spare docking bay provided in the original Crocodile kayak trolley in readiness for retrofit outrigger 

1 x small plate to bolt the 2 bracket tubes firmly together 

                                                                                                                   price  $ 158 - 00