NORMAL METHOD – where access to under-deck is available  ( approx 30 mins )

Step 1

Position the transverse – adjustment member so that the deck bracket top plates sit in a desired position on either side of the kayak/canoe. As supplied the fastening hooks on the lever-latch must be facing outwards at either side You can choose to have the deck bracket tubes either the forward or rear bays ; however if you are adding an outrigger at any time the outrigger must be positioned in the front position to allow the wheel/leg member to move up and down as required for sea or shore .

Step 2

Mark and drill deck bracket holes using the deck bracket top plates as templates.

Step 3

With your hand, support the bottom plate in position to receive the bolts as they are screwed into position through the top plate and supplied rubber packing        ( packing to be between top plate and deck ) . Screw – on  the matching nut to the bolt under the bottom for maximum strength .  Leave the bolts loose until all 4 are attached – then progressively tighten them all until very firm.

Step 4

Refit the 2 bolts though the outer and inner transverse tubes to suit the deck width.

Step 5

Attach the wheel/leg members to the deck brackets and lock the connections using the lever-latches.


ALTERNATIVE METHOD – where access to under-deck is NOT  available                  ( approx 30 mins )

STEPS 1 and 2 – refer “normal method “

Step 3

For one of each top bracket plate drill ONE of the deck holes 2.2 cm dia.                             Screw the two bolts tightly into the bottom plate – then apply “LOCTITE” to the plate /bolt thread join ( see  manufacturers instructions )                                                     Fit the temporary disc/washer to one bolt and screw a nut  behind it so it is just on the end of the bolt .                 Insert the other bolt on the bottom plate down through the larger deck hole  and with a circular motion feed the bottom plate through the hole then twist it so that the bare bolt comes up through the second hole – immediately put a nut on the beginning of the bolt thread .       Now there is a bottom plate in place with the 2  bolts facing upwards through the deck holes and retained by nuts  . Now being careful to keep at least one nut in place to prevent the bottom plate falling below , install the deck bracket by setting the top plates onto the protruding bolts .                       Proceed to loosely attach all 4 bolts on both brackets – when that’s done proceed to tighten up  all  nuts. To tidy up , hacksaw off the protruding threads level with the nuts when completed.

Note – Before completing the tightening –up of deck brackets you may consider applying SIKAFLEX to the deck hole bolt fixtures to prevent any water leaks – however the rubber packing will prevent most of that.

Step 4  and  5  - refer “ normal method”