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Launch and land your kayak  without lifting or dragging it.  Note all other existing trolley technology requires you to lift the kayak to engage it with the trolley; that is where gross back problems begin to spoil your kayaking  (unless you are a 20 year old weight lifter)

Super–easy effortless launching and landing of your kayak . You can forget about lifting and dragging it into the water and the again when you return to the beach . The wheel members remain with the kayak throughout the entire  experience – from the time it comes off your roof-rack until it returns back to your vehicle at the conclusion of the expedition CROCODILE becomes part of your kayak.  Remember Crocodiles are one of the most famous AMPHIBIOUS creatures on earth.

CROCODILE allows the repositioning and/or removal of the wheel members from upright (for land)  to horizontal (skimming the water).  These adjustments are importantly made when the wheels are still in the water, hence NO WEIGHT for you to lift. Repositioning takes fractions of a second and is EFFORTLESS. A lever-latch is incorporated into the connection system to secure the wheel members to the transverse bar; this feature (patented)  provides boltless /clip-less connections - as well as being lightning – fast. 

CROCODILE is excellent on land and amazing on sand. CROCODILE offers another unique benefit not available in other trolleys. The patented design provides for a separate outrigger system to be fitted to either or both sides of the craft using the dual trolley – outrigger connection (patented). Some may want an outrigger from the time they acquire their CROCODILE and others may decide to add outrigger/s as a retrofit  item. Whichever applies CROCODILE HAS YOUR SPECIAL NEEDS COVERED in this DUAL-FUNCTION (TROLLEY/OUTRIGGER) SYSTEM (patented) DESIGNED TO ANTICIPATE YOUR (CHANGING) NEEDS. This system will work well with top  fishing kayaks such as HOBIE.

You can rest easy about your CROCODILE investment, the metal used throughout the trolley is grade 316 MARINE-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL; the same as used in luxury yachts (this includes hardware items such as axles)

CROC MI (STANDARD) is easy to fit and adjustable from 46 cm to 63cm width between the outside of the deck brackets.

CROC M2 (WIDE-DECK) is of the same design as CROC 1 but has greater width of the transverse  member and is adjustable from 63cm to 80cm width between the outside of the deck brackets. This will suit many wider fishing kayaks such as HOBIE (there is normally several cm from the outside of the brackets to the edge of the hull.